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Lessons in Electric Circuits - Learning Track (Code 16)

Lessons in Electric Circuits is the title of a series of books that you can use to learn electrnics. This is not a complete engineering course, rather, using this series of books, you will learn the more practical side of electronics.

You can access the books free of cost from the Internet.

In total, there are six volumes for the complete set of books with the following titles:

All the useful material of all the chapters of every book will be used to create courses. In creating the courses, we will cover the theory. Whenever necessary or possible, we will integrate practical experiments into the courses.

Individual Book Contents

Below, we will list the table of contents related to each book.

Each book title is linked to a page where all the courses related to the respective book are listed. If the title has not been linked yet, that means that there are no courses available for that particular book yet.

Volume I - DC

Volume I - DC contains a total of 541 pages. Here is a table of contents related to the book:

  1. Basic Concepts of Electricity
  2. OHM's Law
  3. Electrical Safety
  4. Sceintific Notation and Metric Prefixes
  5. Series and Parallel Circuits
  6. Divider Circuits and Kirchhoff's Laws
  7. Series Parallel Combinations of Circuits
  8. DC Metering Circuits
  9. Electrical Instrumentation Signals
  10. DC Network Analysis
  11. Batteries and Power Systems
  12. Physics of Conductors and Insulators
  13. Capacitors
  14. Magnetism and Electromagnetism
  15. Inductors
  16. RC and L/R Time Constancts

Volume II - AC

Volume II - AC contains a total of 552 pages. Here is a table of contents related to the book:

  1. Basic AC Theory
  2. Complex Numbers
  3. Reactance and Impedance - Inductive
  4. Reactance and Impedance - Capacitive
  5. Reactance and Impedance - R, L and C
  6. Resonance
  7. Mixed Frequency AC Signals
  8. Filters
  9. Transformers
  10. Polyphase AC Circuits
  11. Power Factor
  12. AC Metering Circuits
  13. AC Motors
  14. Transmission Lines

Volume III - Semiconductors

Volume III - Semiconductors contains a total of 541 pages. Here is a table of contents related to the book:

  1. Amplifiers and Active Devices
  2. Solid State Device Theory
  3. Diodes and Rectifiers
  4. Bipolar Junction Transistors
  5. Junction Field-Effect Transistors
  6. Insulated-Gate Field-Effect Transistors
  7. Thyristors
  8. Operational Amplifiers
  9. Practical Analog Semiconductor Circuits
  10. Active Filters
  11. DC Motor Drives
  12. Inverters and AC Motor Drives
  13. Electron Tubes

Volume IV - Digital

Volume IV - Digital contains a total of 500 pages. Here is a table of contents related to the book:

  1. Numeration Systems
  2. Binary Arithmetic
  3. Logic Gates
  4. Switches
  5. Electromechanical Relays
  6. Ladder Logic
  7. Boolean Algebra
  8. Karnaugh Mapping
  9. Combinational Logic Functions
  10. Multivibrators
  11. Sequential Circuits
  12. Shift Registers
  13. Digital-Analog Conversion
  14. Digital Communication
  15. Digital Storage (Memory)
  16. Principles of Digital Computing

Volume V - Reference

Volume V - Reference contains a total of 160 pages. Here is a table of contents related to the book:

  1. Useful Equations and Conversion Factors
  2. Color Codes
  3. Conductor and Insulator Tables
  4. Algebra Reference
  5. Trigonometry Reference
  6. Calculus Reference
  7. Using the Spice Circuit Simulation Program
  8. Troubleshooting - Theory and Practice
  9. Circuit Schematic Symbols
  10. Periodic Table of Elements

Volume VI - Experiments

Volume VI - Experiments contains a total of 410 pages. Here is a table of contents related to the book:

  1. Introduction
  2. Basic Concepts and Test Equipment
  3. DC Circuits
  4. AC Circuits
  5. Discrete Semiconductor Circuits
  6. Analog Integrated Circuits
  7. Digital Integrated Circuits
  8. 555 Timer Circuits

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