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The Web Development Learning Track focuses on developing web apps. Web apps include,

Therefore, the topics dealt with on this page will include,

Here is a list of courses produced under this learning track. The next courses will be listed once they are produced and published:


Basic HTML CSS - Part 1 - Course Code 6s2

This course is to be used with part 2 of the same course to be a complete course. You can start with Part 1 but you must then continue with part 2 so that you can finish the project started in part 1.

Part 1 mainly deals with HTML. CSS will be built on top of that in part 2.

File Download 4.14GB | Date Published 9/6/21

The course must be downloaded from our server. The downloaded zipped file must then be unzipped and you will have access to the contents of the course.

Download Course 6s2

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